About Jasmine

My name is Jasmine. I spent my childhood “zoning out.” Favorites included psychedelic bubbles the dish soap made in the sink drain and the faces in the drywall patterns, eventually staring turned into drawings and paintings of flowers. This part of myself, satisfied with being completely sucked into a moment, was never lost, though she was hidden during grad school and a career in therapy and the medical environment. My focus in these years was a never ending drive to help the “other” and the incessant drive to better myself to rescue the world.I l

After a meditation retreat last year, I remember looking at the night sky at several lanterns we had lit and set forth, pale dots in the night sky, “that would make a great painting.” So it was. With the support of my family, community, and the continuing ignition from my husband I present to you; visual permission to lose your mind.

“We often need to lose sight of our priorities in order to see them.” ― John Irving

I live in San Francisco City and also work as a pediatric occupational therapist.

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Also: I am currently looking to display my art again!

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